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Gaspard by Tero Saarinen is a quintet set to Maurice Ravel´s piano piece Gaspard de la nuit.Contemporary dance at Alexander Theatre

Alexander Theatre fills up with brilliant contemporary dance between 21 October and 1 November. During the Aleksanteri Tanssii (“Alexander Dances”) festival, an impressive line-up of dance pieces from top Finnish choreographers and dance artists will be seen on stage.

Swan Song, a new work from media artist Marita Liulia, will be getting its world premiere at Alexander Theatre on Friday 24 October. Inspired by ballet classics, Swan Song is a unique blend of dance, multimedia, live music and film. This one-of-a-kind piece, exploring the fear of the unfamiliar and the unpredictability of life itself, is being performed in a collaboration of Marita Liulia (direction), Minna Tervamäki and Ima Iduozee (choreography and dance), Tomas Djupsjöbacka and Ali Kesanto (music) and Antti Kuivalainen (lightning design).

Between Wednesday 29 October and Saturday 1 November, a triple bill from Tero Saarinen, one of Finland´s most prominent dancer-choreographers, will be seen on stage. This breathtaking triple of brilliant contemporary dance performances, Gaspard, Wavelengths and Vox Balaenae, is accompanied with live music by Avanti! Chamber Orchestra.


Image: Sakari Viika

Until Sat 1 November
Aleksanteri Tanssii
Alexander Theatre
Albertinkatu 32
Tickets €15-48.50


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