Helena Hietanen: Tecnolace light sculpture, Barbican Center London, 1997.Chaos & Beauty

Kunsthalle´s first exhibition of the year 2015 opens on Saturday 24 January. Chaos & Beauty, a joint exhibition by Helena Hietanen and Jaakko Niemelä, will bring a show of light and shadow to Kunsthalle and extend even to the outside of the building.

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One of the many colourful acts in Patrice Bart´s Don Quixote.Don Quixote

The spring season at the Finnish National Ballet starts with the major classical ballet, Don Quixote choreographed by the French ballet master Patrice Bart. Bart´s take on this ballet classic was first staged at the Berliner Staatsoper in 1993. The score for the ballet is composed by Ludvig Minkus in 1869. Brilliant visuals and virtuosic staging make Don Quixote one of alltime ballet favourites at the Finnish National Ballet.

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Camping 3 deals with the questions of equity and well-being.Camping at Cirko

The spring season at Cirko – Center For New Circus will be kicked off on Thursday 8 January with the premiere of a new piece by contemporary circus group Circo Aereo. In Camping 3, the third part of the acclaimed Camping series, artists and scientists will take audiences on a historical journey involving a sea voyage, a shipwreck and the isolation of a paradise island. Camping 3, being entertaining, moving and intellectually challenging at the same time, continues to explore the themes of immigration, otherness and equity.

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Suophanterror: SuohpangiehtaThe Last Artists Exhibition

The traditional annual ARTISTS exhibition, organised by the Artists’ Association of Finland, has come to an end. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Artists’ Association of Finland, The Last Artists is the association’s 119th annual exhibition, and probably the last of its kind. The traditional annual exhibition has provoked hot debates for more than hundred years. Is the institution still needed? And what are the principles behind the exhibition?

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Anna Tuori: Occupying the Same Cage, 2014. Oil on board.There Is No Place Like Home

Until 21 December, Galerie Anhava is filled with fascinating paintings by Anna Tuori. Being one of Finland´s most interesting painters of today, Tuori is known for her unique painterly language, skilled brushwork and versatile painting techniques. In her works, she often captures dreamlike figures and landscapes, blending the real and the imagined. Her works have been on display at various private exhibitions, such as at Tampere Art Museum, Helsinki Art Museum and Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova in Turku. In 2011, she was awarded with the title of Young Artist of the Year.

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Avishai Cohen visits We Jazz festival on Monday 8 December.Jazzy time of year

We Jazz 2014 festival offers a cavalcade of top class jazz gigs at different venues in Helsinki between 8 and 13 December. On Monday 8 December, Alexander Theatre will host an opening concert for the second time. Besides the opening performance by M.A. Numminen, Jussi Fredriksson´s solo piano set and Teppo Mäkynen´s Serenity Ensemble, the highlight of the evening is American trumpetist Avishai Cohen´s Triveni trio with bassist Yoni Zelnik and drummer Nasheet Waits. The trio, one of the most interesting jazz acts in the USA today, will serve their take on minimalist modern jazz.

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Tiina Myllymäki as The Snow Queen (in front).The Snow Queen returns

The Snow Queen, a magical winter ballet choreographed by Ballet Director Kenneth Greve, is here again! The ballet, based on the fairy tale classic by Hans Christian Andersen, was seen by more than 26,000 visitors last year and became a hit ballet of the season. For this season, 21 performances have been scheduled between November and January at the Finnish National Ballet.

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Days Without Names explores the power of dance.Days Without Names

Helsinki-based choreographer and artist Maija Hirvanen will bring her latest piece Days Without Names to the Zodiak Stage between 20 and 26 November. The performance, featuring modern-day rain dances, premiered at the Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival on 14 November. The title of the performance arises from the days that were left blank in the Mayan calendar; the unknown.

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Walking asleep at Winter Circus Dream.Winter Circus Dream

It´s that time of year again when the winter circus takes over Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth at the Cable Factory´s Pannuhalli until 6 January. For many families, the winter circus has become a tradition to lighten up the early winter. The warm-hearted and exciting show keeps people of all ages amused. There´s no language barriers either; the wordless storytelling is at everyone’s reach.

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Veera Tamminen: Oona Lisbet, 2013.Ceramics & Space

The main Autumn season exhibition at the Design Museum celebrates Finnish ceramic art. The exhibition, organized by The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo in cooperation with the Design Museum and the Association of Finnish Sculptors, presents contemporary Finnish ceramics and the present state of ceramic art in Finland.

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