Mobile gaming has taken over the whole world. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and almost everyone with a mobile phone has downloaded at least one or two games or bookmarked a mobile gaming site. It’s completely understandable, while these games lack the depth of traditional console games, they provide quick doses of entertainment which fill the time, challenge the user, and even have the chance of winning the player money.

In Finland, a different game rules the charts on Apple devices, Android devices, and mobile websites, with each bringing mobile gamers a different way to enjoy themselves. These are those games that are currently ruling the smallest screens in Finland.


Apple App Store: Happy Glass

A simple little puzzle game, Happy Glass has shot to the top of the App Store game charts in Finland. Players simply scribble lines in order to get the liquid into the sad cup – which is sad because it’s empty. The puzzles get more difficult as the player progresses, with different obstacles and tools becoming available through the levels. However, all the player needs is to touch and drag to draw the lines that lead the liquid.

Its creators, Game5mobile, have released many popular games to mobile devices, such as Wheels Escape and Tanky Tank, but Happy Glass’ sustained popularity has made it their most successful game to date. Having overtaken Hello Stars at the top of the iOS gaming charts in Finland, per, there’s no doubt that players are enjoying making the little cup happy time and again.


Online Mobile Casino: Medusa II

Medusa II is the follow up to the much-loved online slot game Medusa, both of which have collected a huge fan base in Finland. To win big in this game, simply collect the snakes, stone soldiers, and arrow quiver along a payline. Medusa plays as the wild and is stacked on the reels, while three or more scatters pay wherever they land. The game also boasts random bonuses.

Created by NextGen Gaming for many online casinos at, Medusa II has quickly become the most-played game at online casinos in Finland. The hype of it being a sequel will have helped, but the sustained popularity is a credit to the gameplay, Greek mythology theme, and stunning art. Another way in which it has become popular across Finland is that online casinos that boast the game, like Lucky Me Slots, are available on Android and iOS devices.

Android Play Store: Tomb of the Mask

Much like many of the great classic games of yesteryear, Tomb of the Mask is all about collecting coins in a troublesome environment. This much-loved game app takes players and their little yellow character through an infinite vertical labyrinth, as shown by, in which they collect coins while trying to avoid the ever-rising force that’s closing down on the character. The game requires quick flick reflexes to keep ahead of the force while working through the labyrinth.

Founded in 2016, Playgendary has made a name for itself through creating skilful and enjoyable games, like the virtual reality game Samurai Chef, Kick the Buddy, and Bowmasters. In Finland’s Android Play Store, Tomb of the Mask is the number one game and has been for some time. Given the infinite labyrinth and progressively increasing difficulty, the game has become a challenge for mobile gamers; one that players can use to gloat about their high scores.

Despite the platform being mobile for all of these games, three different titles have been able to work their way to the very top of the App Store, online casinos, and Play Store. Happy Glass, Tomb of the Mask, and Medusa II stand as the most popular mobile games in Finland right now. 

Image Source: Snappzilla, via Twitter