After the disappointment of 2012's cancelled gig, Lenny Kravitz is returning to Finland on 26 October.Arriving on the scene at the end of the '80s, initial press surrounding Lenny Kravitz raised an eyebrow to the fact that his sound seemingly cribbed previously released ideas from an earlier era.

The public cared little, however, and after a couple of releases sold reasonably well, the arrival of his third album, Are You Gonna Go My Way, saw Kravitz propelled to the stratosphere in 1993. With its extremely catchy title cut of the same name, the album went on to sell four million copies worldwide. In keeping with his unpredictable nature, rather than follow this up with a fan-pleasing clutch of tracks, Circus saw the singer bogged down with his disillusionment with the music industry at the time.

1998's 5 saw the singer back on form, however, with the album going on to sell over six million copies and snagging two Grammy Awards in the process. Subsequent albums saw Kravitz's audience gradually dwindling, with 2004's Baptism in particular receiving a critical drubbing. However, reliably he bounced back a handful of years later and 2011's Black and White America saw him tackle funk with intriguing results.

His tenth studio album, Strut, dropped earlier this year. Spearheaded by singles The Chamber and Sex, Kravitz marks his return to the spotlight with a perfromance at Hartwall Areena on Sunday 26 October.

Lenny Kravitz
26 October, 20:00
Tickets €53.50/67.50
Hartwall Arena
Areenankuja 1

The gig is also Kravitz's first appearance in Finland since a cancelled gig in 2012 at the same venue, due to his filming commitments that ran overtime.

James O'Sullivan
Image: Greg Kadel

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