Caída libre (Free Fall) by choreographer Sharon Fridman fills the stage with 20 local performers and six Spanish and French dancers.Organised by the House of Dance association, HOP Helsinki 2014 is being held on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 October.

Showcasing its main theme over the weekend of inclusiveness and internationality, here the audience plays a key role via a pair of participatory and international dance pieces.

Guests from abroad include Israeli Sharon Fridman, whose Compañía Sharon Fridman will be performing both ¿Hasta Dónde...? and Caída Libre on 17 October. The latter offers a true international collaboration, as ten dance professionals and ten volunteers from Finland join six Spanish and French dancers from the company.

Meanswhile, the following day sees New York choreographer Miguel Gutierrez's Deep Aerobics. Here his interaction with the audience promises to swell into an aerobics/disco dance class.

Meanwhile, a documentary is being presented as a part of the HOP Helsinki 2014 programme. International faces of Dance in Helsinki is a documentary by Hanna Brotherus, premiering on Friday at 7 pm. The documentary follows the situation faced by foreign dancers here, as these newcomers seek to make connections, find working opportunities and better the local situation regarding grant and funding opportunities.

HOP Helsinki 2014
17-18 October

James O'Sullivan
Image: Andrea Macchia

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