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  • Authorities warn of flight disruption as air traffic controller strike announced for Friday

    FINLAND’S AIR NAVIGATION SERVICES (ANS) HAVE WARNED travellers to be aware of major disruptions to flights across Finland this Friday, following the announcement that air traffic controllers at most airports will be going on strike.

    The Finnish Air Traffic Controllers union (SLJY), released a statement last week warning of potential disruption after drawn-out negotiations with their employer, ANS, appeared to have stalled. 

  • Figures for 2018 reveal rate of road deaths in Finland remains among highest in Northern Europe

    STATISTIC RELEASED BY FICORA, A BRANCH OF THE MINISTRY FOR TRANSPORT, reveal that the number of road deaths in Finland remains amongst the highest of any Northern European country.

    The number of road traffic accidents estimated to have occurred in 2018 has been set at around 230-240, although the precise figure is yet to be released. This is a decrease on the previous year, although still far short of the Finnish government’s target of 136 road deaths per year. 

  • Finland’s most famous icebreaker deployed on first mission of the winter

    One of Finland’s most famous seafaring vessels, the titanic icebreaker Otso, was deployed on its first mission of the winter season last night, keeping sea routes open for the 22nd year in a row.

    Late in the evening of Christmas Day, Otso, the crowning glory of Arctia Oy’s extensive fleet, departed from Helsinki’s Katajanokka Harbour, heading north to the Bay of Bothnia.

  • Finnair to significantly expand Helsinki to London service in 2019

    FINLAND’S NATIONAL CARRIER, FINNAIR, HAS ANNOUNCEDthat their popular service running between Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and London-Heathrow Airport will be expanded in 2019, allowing for greater travel capacity between the two cities.

    The flight is currently one of the busiest routes operated by Finnair, with business travellers and tourists making up the vast majority of traffic between London and Helsinki. Finnair has announced the changes to the service will allow for a 21% increase in passenger traffic over the summer season.

  • Finnish households encouraged to recycle Christmas food waste in ‘Fat to Fuel’ campaign

    THE OIL REFINERY COMPANY NESTEhas launched a campaign to encourage Finns to donate Christmas food waste to recycling points across the country so that it may be used as biofuel.

    The company’s nationwide ‘From Fat to Fuel’ initiative asks that Finnish households take the leftover fat from their Christmas ham, which can often constitute up to 20% of the ham and donate it to one of the 230 collection points that have been set up across the country. 

  • Finnish prime minister uses New Year’s Message to condemn hate speech

    THE PRIME MINISTER OF FINLAND, Juha Sipilä, has used his annual New Year speechto rail against hate speech and anti-immigrant rhetoric, particularly in relation to recent revelations of sex crimes allegedly committed by migrants in Oulu.

    Finland was rocked by the revelations earlier this month that 10 people of foreign backgrounds had been arrested for rape and sexual assault of several underage girls in Oulu. 

  • Finnish tourists missing following avalanche in Arctic Norway

    FOUR TOURISTS FROM SWEDEN AND FINLANDhave been reported missing amid fears they have been swept away by an avalanche in the Troms region of Norway.

    The tour group is made up of three Finns and a Swedish person, who were reported to Troms police as missing at 15:00GMT yesterday afternoon.

  • Helsinki ranked as 5th most sustainable tourist destination on Earth

    THE GLOBAL DESTINATION SUSTAINABILITY INDEX, which ranks hundreds of cities around the world based on their environmental and social sustainability, has placed Helsinki in joint-fifth place with the Swedish city of Uppsala in their rankings for 2019.

    The index was first launched last year with the aim of highlighting how urban areas can continue to attract business and tourists without compromising on environmental health and social stability. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top rankings are dominated by Nordic cities, although Glasgow in Scotland and Melbourne in Australia also broke into the top ten. 

  • Meteorological Institute confirms 2018 was hottest year in Finland’s history

    THE FINNISH METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE HAS CONFIRMEDthat 2018 was the hottest year in Finland since records began over 150 years ago, fuelling further concerns over the pace of climate change.

    In a bulletin released by the Institute this morning, they reveal that overall, 2018 was a full 2 degrees warmer than usual as an average. Meanwhile, the peak temperature of the year, which was recorded as 33.7 degrees Celsius in Vaasa on 18 June, was one of the highest ever reached.

  • Nordea’s chief economist warns of dismal GDP growth in 2019

    THE HEAD ECONOMIST FOR NORDEA, AKI KANGASHARJU,has warned of poor growth prospects for Finland in 2019, warning that other economists have gotten their predictions wrong.

    While earlier growth predictions for the Finnish economy have been more upbeat, coming in at close to 3%, Kangasharju said in an interview with YLE Radio 1 this morning that “economists are always late” when it comes to spotting slowdowns.

  • President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö’s New Year’s Speech on 1 January 2019

    My fellow citizens,

    Late this autumn, the memorial flame was burning beneath the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. A hundred years had passed since the end of World War I. World leaders joined in silence to commemorate the making of peace that ended a European war.

    Less than a month later, in the vicinity of the Arc de Triomphe, cars were burning. At the same time, yellow-vested people were on the streets, telling that things were not right for them. Under the Arc de Triomphe, the ostensible unanimity and reconciliation with the past changed into a fierce battle over the life today.

  • Setback for nuclear industry as Hanhikivi Power Plant is delayed by a further four years

    THE CONSTRUCTION OF A RUSSIAN-FINNISH NUCLEAR POWER PLANTin Pyhäjoki has suffered yet another delay, as It was announced last night that the project would be delayed by a further four years.

    The Hanhikivi 1 plant, a project jointly-owned by a consortium of Finnish energy operators and the Russian state energy giant Rosatom, was first approved for construction by the Finnish parliament back in 2010. 

  • Severe weather warnings issued over approaching wind storms

    THE FINNISH METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE HAS ISSUEDa series of weather warnings over approaching wind storms which are due to hit Western Finland on Tuesday evening.

    Meteorologist Joanne Rinne has described the coming wind storm, which is expected to reach hurricane levels of force in some parts of the country, as unlike anything they have seen during their decade-long career.

  • Town in Southern Finland rolls out teen curfew scheme

    THE TOWN OF LAITILA IN SOUTHWEST FINLANDhas announced that a curfew for school-age minors will be introduced in full, following months of consultation and media attention over the controversial policy.

    The curfew has been described by members of the local government as “unofficial” and “informal”, meaning that although a curfew for young people will be in place, it is not legally enforceable. This is because it was determined that a curfew enforced by law and police action would lack legal grounds and possibly be in violation of human rights law. 

  • What does the US embassy in Baghdad export to Finland and dozens of other countries?

    More than a million kilograms of cargo were shipped from Baghdad to different parts of the world, reveals US embassies procurement documents.
    Mysterious cargo shipments from the US Embassy in Baghdad to other American embassies and consulates around the world have been revealed on a Wikileaks' database. Procurement orders of US embassies are public documents, but Wikileaks put them in a searchable database making it easier to analyse.

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