• Web Developer

    HT Jobs | - Feed Apr 15, 2018 | 14:55 pm

    Web Developer Web Developer familiar with CMS systems (Joomla, WP etc) and fluent with PHP, HTML5, CSS needed for bug fixes and further development of an exciting IT project. Enthusiasm and ability to learn and improve is more important than experience.The job[…]

  • CTO / Lead Developer

    HT Jobs | - Feed Apr 11, 2018 | 15:05 pm

    CTO / Lead Developer An exciting recently funded startup operating in the healthcare IT domain is looking for an CTO to join and lead (hands on) both engineering and web application development of the company.Job descriptionEternAll Sciences is an e-health startup active in Finland[…]

  • Service Coordinator, Vestas Finland, Vaasa

    HT Jobs | - Feed Feb 3, 2018 | 10:57 am

    Service Coordinator, Vestas Finland, Vaasa Do you have a passion for delivering first class administration service to an organization? Do you want to be a part in an ambitious team in a dynamic environment? Then this challenge might be something for you!PositionSERVICE COORDINATOROrganizationVestas Northern Central[…]


Forecasting is a tricky business, but Nesta isn’t backing down from the human-versus-machine battle.

Forecasting is a fool’s errand, so why we do fallible humans persist in trying to peer into an uncertain future, especially when machines are outpacing us on so many other predictive tasks?

People who should have known much better dismissed the telephone, the car and, famously, the Beatles as fads. That’s because discerning the difference between a flash in the pan and a truly disruptive development is a very tricky art with a long and chequered history. As far back as Nostradamus in the 16th Century, we have long been drawn to the tantalizing idea that we can control an uncertain future by predicting it. While this sense of control might be illusory, it is true that sketching out possible futures is the first step in creating a desired one.

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During a visit to Ohio to promote his infrastructure plan on March 29, US president Donald Trump dropped one of the bombshells that Americans have become accustomed to over the last year and a half: "We'll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon .... Let the other people take care of it now."

If he's serious, if the more hawkish members of his administration don't dissuade him, and if he follows through, Trump will be taking a giant step in the right direction on foreign policy. The US never had any legitimate business in Syria. Its military adventurism there has been both dumb and illegal from the beginning.

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In late February, Venezuela's government began accepting presidential candidate registrations and announced a snap legislative election for April. The country's opposition denounces the process as a sham and Maduro as a dictator, both of which may be true.
Oddly,  a third voice -- the US government -- also weighed in. Per US state media outlet Voice of America, "the United States, which under President Donald Trump has been deeply critical of Maduro's leadership in crisis-torn and economically suffering Venezuela, on Saturday rejected the call for an early legislative vote."
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In the first part of a series that will explore Year Two of the Trump presidency, John Tirman has serious misgivings about his misguided worldview and the potentially dire consequences for global stability. 

If there’s one thing President Donald Trump demonstrated in his first year in the White House, it is a penchant for disruption. 

Not the disruption we hear so much about in the tech industry or as a tool of innovation, but just sheer destructiveness. A health care system that took 60 years to bring to fruition, is sabotaged piece by piece. Hard-won climate action is torn apart. The great beauty of public lands in the Western United States is cavalierly auctioned off to mining companies. 

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Nature has always inspired me and it has played a significant role in my life. For me, nature is a place to calm down and think, and be a part of it. That’s why I joined an environmental organisation in my early ages: To protect nature from certain powers in the society that have lost their connection with it. Perhaps that is even one reason why I ended up as the Minister of the Environment.

Every time I pass Hanasaari, the huge pile of black coal steals my focus. I can’t help asking myself “why are we still burning coal for energy in 2018 when we have had the technologies for clean and sustainable energy production for decades already?”

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That the rich and powerful have gained control of Washington is clear. Their plutocratic rule – geared to the interests of a tiny elite – is eroding U.S. democratic institutions, values and global influence. Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their democracy.

In the year since President Donald Trump took office, cries of kleptocracy have grown louder.
Consider the evidence: Lobbyists buy $100,000 memberships at his golf clubs for face time. Foreign regimes redirect business to his hotels, such as the $270,000 spending spree by Saudi Arabia at Trump’s DC outpost. Business deals in endemically corrupt countries, such as the Philippines, bind his empire (held not in a blind trust, but by his sons) to questionable foreign entanglements.

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APEC family photo 2017

“Creating New Dynamism, Fostering a Shared Future”. This is theme for APEC 2017 in Viet Nam.
More than 21,000 delegates took part in 243 activities held during the APEC Year 2017 in Vietnam. The APEC Economic Leaders’ Week from November 6 to 11 attracted about 11,000 delegates and leaders of all 21 member economies. Eight major documents were passed, particularly the Da Nang Declaration and the joint statement of the APEC Ministerial Meeting.
The most important outcome is that APEC continues its economic cooperation and connection impetus, brings into play its role as the leading economic connection mechanism of the region, keeps its core value of trade and investment liberalisation, and supports multilateral trade.

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Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of Nesta.


Although many jobs are at risk of upheaval due to automation, humans still possess valuable skills unmatched by robots. As long as educational institutions adapt traditional curriculum, and stay ahead of the curve, people will always be able to find something to do.

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you will be aware that the world is going through another bout of soul-searching about how robots could take our jobs.

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19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

Where is China heading for? What does China’s rapid development mean to itself and the world? The most accurate answer may lie in the outcome of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The congress elected a new leadership with Xi Jinping as the core, defined its new historic juncture in China’s development, and blueprinted the overall plan for securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and embarking on a journey to fully build a modern socialist China.

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Richard Caplan, Professor of International Relations at Oxford University.


The recent inauguration of a new U.N. Secretary-General, António Guterres, is an appropriate moment to reflect on how well the United Nations is performing its primary responsibility — ”to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war,” in the words of the U.N. Charter — and how it might up its game.

Peacekeeping is at the centre of U.N. efforts to maintain international peace and security.

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Robert Hathaway, Director Emeritus of the Asia Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, D.C.


Donald Trump hopes to leverage American power when he meets with foreign leaders on his trip through Asia this month. While threats and ultimatums may win him support at home, strong-arming other countries often produces a response opposite to the one hoped for.

President Donald Trump believes in American power. Specifically, he believes that America’s great strength gives him leverage to persuade or compel others to behave as he thinks they should.

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