Nazli Choucri, Professor of Political Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


As vast as cyberspace is, so too are the threats, exploits and damages that seem to multiply by the day through this network of computer interconnections around the globe – elements that are shaping a new normal which is not yet fully understood.

One of the most important legacies of the 20th century is the construction of the Internet and the creation of cyberspace. As a network of millions of computers and their interconnections, the Internet already penetrates most, if not all, parts of the world.

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Ruth Greenspan Bell, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and D. James Baker, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.


Efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions may have been dashed by the Trump administration’s reversing course on the Paris accord. Nevertheless, across America the fight goes on at regional and corporate levels.

These are worrisome times as we contemplate the disconnect between the urgency of dealing with climate change and the Trump administration’s attempts to roll back Obama-era efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Thomas Kvan, Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of Melbourne.


Urban sustainability is about more than consuming fewer resources. Today, resilience is borne of cultural vibrancy and development

When I arrive in a new city, I go out for a walk, both to see the city and combat jet lag. In some places I walk through a calm and ordered neighbourhood, speculating on the lives lived behind the opaque walls. In other places, I see a throbbing community full of activity.

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Marja Elsinga, Professor of Housing Institutions and Governance at Delft University of Technology.

Why governments ought to accommodate community-driven solutions to affordable housing.

Societies are urbanizing, cities are growing and land and house prices keep soaring.

These rising prices are an important source of income for owners of residential real estate, tax revenue for local governments and an engine of economic growth for cities. Yet, these inflated prices have also become a brake for the economic and sustainable growth of many cities around the world.

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Wan Yang, China Program Director at the Landesa Rural Development Institute.

China’s rapid urbanization has come at a cost to its rural villages and those who leave them behind in search of work in crowded cities. Chinese migrants must be given more rights. And that begins with reforming the Hukou System.

China’s burgeoning economy has mirrored the large-scale migration of farmers from rural to urban areas, which has reshaped and will continue to change China.

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Erkki Tuomioja, Member of Parliament for the Social Democratic Party of Finland.

MP Talk gives members of parliament the opportunity to share their views on Finnish society with an international audience. The opinions expressed in this column are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the view of the Helsinki Times.

Any overview of the transatlantic relationship today has to recognize that both the US and Europe are internally divided partners.

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Henrietta Moore, Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity at University College London

In the age of political uncertainty and increasing mistrust of government, it is now more imperative than ever that community-led projects help to redefine our ideas of effective citizen engagement and the democracies of the future.

It seems like everywhere we look right now we see democracy in crisis.

Since voters opted in a referendum to leave the European Union almost a year ago, Britain has been plunged into an all-consuming public debate on the rights and wrongs that have squeezed out nearly all other issues.

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Matti Vanhanen, Member of Parliament for the Centre Party and former Prime Minister of Finland.

MP Talk gives members of parliament the opportunity to share their views on Finnish society with an international audience. The opinions expressed in this column are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the view of the Helsinki Times.

Whether it is war in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea or war in Syria and political upheaval following the Arab Spring, Finland and the international community are navigating complex international events.

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Fred Stolle, Senior Associate at the World Resource Institute’s Forests Program

Indeed, a surprising number of trees were recently discovered thriving in the world’s drylands. They are key to survival for millions of people – and are a worthy cause for global reforestation efforts.

I recently joined a group of scientists to announce a surprising discovery in Science magazine:

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Jonathan Gaventa, Director at E3G

Almost a year ago, voters in Britain opted to leave the European Union. Now, as Brexit negotiations begin to heat up, both sides will have an interest in ensuring that climate and environmental policies do not get lost in the shuffle.

Britain did not vote to leave the European Union for worse air pollution or a degraded natural environment.

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Laura Olson, Senior Consultant at the United Nations Development Programme

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Bhola Slum is a consequence of the many factors that have prompted people to migrate from traditional rural livelihoods to urban centers in the precarious hope that they will find safe haven and a brighter future.

Millions of people have migrated from rural communities to urban centers in recent years, a trend that is only accelerating.

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