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Juho Eerola is a True Finns member of parliament. He is the third vice-chair of the party and a member of the Grand Committee. Eerola is also the third vice-chair of the city council of Kotka. His hobbies include singing and writing lyrics in the band Suuri Tuntematon. In his spare time, Eerola also likes reading and exercising.I have always supported military non-alignment of Finland. The defence of Finland must be based on Finnish patriotic spirit. In order to discourage anyone from invading Finland, the Finnish Defence Forces must be strong enough to cause serious casualties to any invading forces. We must ensure all neighbouring countries that no third party could freely attack them through Finland.

I have always been against joining NATO. There is a risk that it would take us into wars waged by the US around the world. If Finland were to join NATO, then we might make unnecessary enemies of those people whose countries are involved in such conflict. Because of muslim immigration, joining NATO would increase the risk of Finland becoming a target for Islamic terrorists. Another serious consequence of NATO membership would be the deterioration of our good trade relationship with Russia.

Russia and the US know each other's military capabilities. I do not believe that there could ever be a full-scale war between NATO and Russia. If Russia were to decide to acquire land in connection with the Kaliningrad region, then it would do so regardless of the Baltic countries being members of NATO. Excuse me but I simply cannot trust Spain, Belgium or, for example Turkey, having any interest in protecting any of the small Baltic countries in a war against Russia. Germany and Britain might send a formal complaint to Russia – but that's all.

In internet forums I have joked with NATO-supporters that, what if we were instead allied with Russia? Who would ever consider attacking Finland if the only imaginable enemy was the one with whom we just allied? The alliance would guarantee us a stable supply of Russian natural resources – and there might even be a possibility of negotiating for the return of Karelia, Petsamo and the islands in Gulf of Finland. We would not have to worry about whether Valio can or cannot sell dairy products to Russia, or whether we can fly to Asia across Russian airspace.


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