• Web Developer

    HT Jobs | - Feed Apr 15, 2018 | 14:55 pm

    Web Developer Web Developer familiar with CMS systems (Joomla, WP etc) and fluent with PHP, HTML5, CSS needed for bug fixes and further development of an exciting IT project. Enthusiasm and ability to learn and improve is more important than experience.The job[…]

  • CTO / Lead Developer

    HT Jobs | - Feed Apr 11, 2018 | 15:05 pm

    CTO / Lead Developer An exciting recently funded startup operating in the healthcare IT domain is looking for an CTO to join and lead (hands on) both engineering and web application development of the company.Job descriptionEternAll Sciences is an e-health startup active in Finland[…]

  • Service Coordinator, Vestas Finland, Vaasa

    HT Jobs | - Feed Feb 3, 2018 | 10:57 am

    Service Coordinator, Vestas Finland, Vaasa Do you have a passion for delivering first class administration service to an organization? Do you want to be a part in an ambitious team in a dynamic environment? Then this challenge might be something for you!PositionSERVICE COORDINATOROrganizationVestas Northern Central[…]


I am Vy, Vietnamese by birth, currently working in the States and I have been in Finland for four years.As summer brings a delightful fresh approach to Boston, people finally can find relief in the warmth of balmy weather after going through the harshest winter in the history. The weather is gently reminding me of my last summer in Lahti-Finland where I have been calling home for four years.

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Valentine Kamau is a Kenyan living in Finland.Finland has been a blessing to me and my family. Through free education amongst many other good things that Finland offers to immigrants, we have achieved what others have been denied in other countries.

In this regard I will say that, sometimes we tend to burn all our energy in the negative things that come along our way in the endeavor to achieve success and complain a lot and we tend to forget also to focus on the bright side of life and we miss the good things that come our way.

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Originally from Pakistan, Ataul Ghalib completed his Master’s in IT from Tampere University of Technology, and has been working in the field of Embedded Software Development from four years.I have been living in Finland for almost five years now. I came to Finland in 2009 to study my Master's degree in Computer Systems at Tampere University of Technology. At the moment I am working as an Embedded Software Designer in the automation industry.

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Nigel Banerjee is an academic from London. He visited Helsinki for the first time last summer, and is already planning his next trip to Finland.What was it about Finland that made such an impression on me when I visited the country for the first time earlier last year?

The scenery was wonderful, of course. I got a taste of what was to come as the aeroplane flew in over the Baltic Sea and then over a beautiful green landscape dotted with lakes. Although I never ventured out of Helsinki, even the capital was an oasis compared to London, where I live and work. My hotel was just a twenty minute tram ride from the Central Railway Station, and yet a few minutes' walk away was Seurasaari, a lovely little island where, as I sat on the rocks overlooking the pristine waters, with just the odd duck paddling by and not a sound to be heard, I might have been a million miles from civilisation.

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Originally from the USA, Todd Proctor has been managing a language services company in Finland since 1995.I often hear young foreigners and Finns alike ideating over Finland's wonderful free education system. Wonderful? – maybe. I hope so. Free? – certainly not! As a 27 year resident of Finland I take almost native pleasure in casting down imaginations and can tell you nothing, especially in Finland, is free.

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Merle Must is doing her internship with Helsinki Times. She’s originally from Estonia, but currently a master’s student at Groningen University in the Netherlands."So many foreigners!" was the first idea that came to my mind when I arrived in Helsinki for my internship. I had visited the city numerous times before, because I lived just across the Baltic Sea, but only for touristic purposes. As the actual life in Helsinki is of course different, some things have managed to surprise me.

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Sonali Srivastava is an HR and administration professional from India. She has worked in England and Finland and has lived in Finland for over seven years.With news of Finland entering its third technical recession, the average person reading the newspapers hasn't got much to celebrate about. Job are slashed and looming lay off negotiations compound the future outlook even further. Intellectual introspection attributes it to a variety of factors like Apple vs. Nokia, the paper industry failing, immigration – the list goes on. In short, reading the daily news isn't a positive experience.

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Christine Rovelli is an American working at Finnair, and has been here in Finland for about two and a half years.Every place you leave becomes a memory. Even if you return to visit, in your mind it's as it was when you left, slowly fading until only the structure, the broadest outline, remains. The longer you're gone, the more your mind fills the spaces with dreams; until they, too, become memories and fade.

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John Self is a Fulbright Scholar from Cal Poly Pomona, teaching at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. He and his wife will be in Helsinki until Christmas.The daily disappointment that I know only one language. Kiitos doesn't count. This shortcoming is a real strength for the majority of Finns, but they have a typical "What's the big deal?" attitude. It is a big deal.

Helsinki is safe, clean, with little graffiti, fantastic public libraries and a public transportation system second to none. Fast, reliable and clean. It just works. Every day. 07:12 train? Be there at 07:12. 7B tram? If the sign says 3 minutes, it means 3 minutes. What a concept.

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Christine Gemmink is a Canadian master’s degree student at Aalto UniversityWhen I told my friends in Canada that I would be moving to Finland to start a master's degree, I received a lot of funny reactions. People were worried that Finland might be a less developed nation that the quality of education would not be as good, and there was a fair amount of concern that the entire population of Finland is about the same as Toronto's metropolitan area.

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Originally from Ghana, Kwaku Lokko studied in Finland.My quest for quality education took me to Finland in 2007. As a student and a graduate of the University of Eastern Finland in Kuopio, my experience throughout my stay can be grouped under: power distance, individualism, food and weather.

Power distance refers to how the elderly in the society cope with the youth and how those in higher authority cope with their subordinates. Unlike in Ghana where the views of the youth are normally not considered, I realised that in Finland their contributions are welcome. At the work place, those in higher authority listen to, and mingle with, their subordinates.

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