• Web Developer

    HT Jobs | - Feed Apr 15, 2018 | 14:55 pm

    Web Developer Web Developer familiar with CMS systems (Joomla, WP etc) and fluent with PHP, HTML5, CSS needed for bug fixes and further development of an exciting IT project. Enthusiasm and ability to learn and improve is more important than experience.The job[…]

  • CTO / Lead Developer

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    CTO / Lead Developer An exciting recently funded startup operating in the healthcare IT domain is looking for an CTO to join and lead (hands on) both engineering and web application development of the company.Job descriptionEternAll Sciences is an e-health startup active in Finland[…]

  • Service Coordinator, Vestas Finland, Vaasa

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    Service Coordinator, Vestas Finland, Vaasa Do you have a passion for delivering first class administration service to an organization? Do you want to be a part in an ambitious team in a dynamic environment? Then this challenge might be something for you!PositionSERVICE COORDINATOROrganizationVestas Northern Central[…]


The Guardian has reported that the British government should learn from Finland’s policy of providing homes to homeless people.


While homelessness in Finland has fallen by 35% since 2010, in the UK it has increased by more than 100% over a similar time period. This has encouraged The Guardian to get behind the idea of Britain adopting Finland’s simple solution to the problem.

In the business world, Finnish startups raised a record €349 million in investments over the course of 2017. Despite this success being attributed to Finland’s “world-class gaming industry”, Pocket Gamer.biz has reported that Finnish mobile gaming is actually stagnating.

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CAP's driving simulator is taken for a spin by Regional Manager Markus Vanhala.


Getting a driving licence in Finland requires attending an officially recognised school, but the problem for immigrants is that almost all driving schools teach in Finnish. CAP is a welcome exception.

CAP is Finland’s largest driving school. Providing five-star training to companies, individuals and the Finnish Defence Forces since 2005, the company’s wide range of courses cater to international students and learners of all abilities. Whether pupils are getting to grips with a scooter, a heavy truck or something in between, CAP is sure to have the ideal course for you in one of its 70+ nationwide locations.

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A photo dated 29 July, 2005, showing a parking meter in Helsinki.
A photo dated 29 July, 2005, showing a parking meter in Helsinki.


The City of Turku is believed to have lost a minimum of hundreds of thousands of euros because of a couple of pilfering employees.

The National Bureau of Investigation (KRP) on Wednesday revealed that two people employed by the city are suspected of embezzling and stealing a considerable sum of money while performing their official duties – emptying parking meters.

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Finland is in the top five of the most digitally advanced countries in the world, according to the Digital Evolution Index.

The world is rapidly moving towards digitalisation and automation in all areas of society. Yet some of the most digitally advanced economies in the world are struggling to sustain digital growth and innovation – Finland being one of them. This years’ Digital Evolution Index places Finland in the Stall Out Zone; a category for digitally advanced countries that have reached so-called “digital plateaus” of slowing momentum in terms of digital growth.

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More and more people from outside the United States are participating in and winning US lotteries.


"Are you sure? Are you sure?!" -- M., a 37-year-old father from Iraq, kept repeating the question after receiving a phone call with the news that he had won the $6.4 million jackpot in a lottery in the United States in late 2015. Shortly afterwards he hopped on a plane from Baghdad to collect his prize.

“The man from Baghdad showed up unannounced in a state office building in Salem, Oregon, with a piece of paper in his hand that said he was worth $6.4 million.

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The entrance to the P-CityForum car park under central Helsinki on 18 July, 2017. The Washington Times has reported that Finland is building underground tunnels in preparation for a potential Russian attack.


As Russia plans its biggest military exercise in years, Finland is reportedly going underground. This is according to The Washington Times and various other media sources, which claim that 200 kilometres of tunnels, passageways and shelters are being built underneath Helsinki in order to protect residents and the government from potential Russian hostilities.

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Average temperatures in June have fluctuated between 10 and 19 degrees Celsius since 1900 in Helsinki.

Summers in Finland tend to be relatively chilly compared to elsewhere in the world. Since more than a hundred years back, the median June temperature in Helsinki has, more often then not, been less than 15 degrees Celsius. And yet, this summer, we are experiencing colder weather than usual.

From an average June temperature of 14.5 degrees Celsius since 1900, June this year passed with a mean temperature of 13.7 degrees in Helsinki. At first glance, the difference of 0.7 degrees seems almost irrelevant, yet even minor fluctuations in average temperatures are noticeable during a season when a great amount of activities take place outdoors.

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New research shows that the majority of Finns view themselves as responsible consumers of alcohol.


Finland’s economy continues to grow, but the amount of job vacancies is still eclipsed by the number of people searching for work. One reason for this imbalance in the Finnish labour market, according to Equal Times, is the changing nature of modern jobs is leaving a large amount of unemployed people with outdated skill sets.

One industry that is doing very well, however, is the gaming sector.

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The U.S. takes seventh place in best countries to be an immigrant despite hosting the largest number in the world.

Sweden is the best country to be an immigrant in, according to a recent survey by U.S. News. Finland takes ninth place, with Norway and Denmark also present in the top ten.

Respondents of the survey ranked eighty countries according to subjective perceptions of economic stability, quality of the job market, income equality, and whether the country is one in which the respondent could imagine living in. Moreover, the percentage of immigrants in a country’s population, the amount of remittances sent home, and an assessment by the United Nations of integration measures provided for immigrants were included in the methodology.

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Pasi Alonen and Erika Kailaanmäki of Finland compete during the Wife Carrying World Championships in Sonkajärvi, Finland on July 1, 2017.


Chances are you've heard of Finnish designer Alvar Aalto, but how about Kaj Franck or Tapio Wirkkala? To celebrate Finland’s centenary, CNN takes a look at the greatest innovators in Finnish design over the last 100 years.

Moving to the current day, Finnish exports are on the rise and Supercell plan on turning Finland into the Hollywood of gaming, while China sees Rovaniemi as a potential destination for its “Arctic Corridor” railway.

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