Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy is considered as a counterweight to Bill Gates and Microsoft in the industry.A new book says American Scott McNealy of Sun Microsystems was the "dream candidate" to be head of Nokia.

A NEW book by Helsinki Times journalist David J. Cord claims American Scott McNealy was the "dream candidate" to become CEO of Nokia. The Decline and Fall of Nokia says the co-founder of Sun Microsystems was offered the job in early 2010 but declined.

Software expertise

Scott McNealy was born in Indiana in 1954 and received degrees from Harvard and Stanford. In 1982 he co-founded Sun Microsystems and two years later became its CEO. Sun built hardware, such as computers and servers, but the company also developed the Java software platform.

McNealy has special strengths in software and is considered as a counterweight to Bill Gates and Microsoft in the industry. He supported Nokia's attempt to stay independent of Microsoft's mobile operating system in the late 1990s, and in 1998 proudly showed off a Nokia Communicator running Java at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Jorma Ollila and Scott McNealy were friends for decades. In his book Mahdoton menestys Ollila cites McNealy as one of his executive peers with whom he had frequent conversations. The careers of Ollila and McNealy were similar: both had long tenures as CEOs which ended in 2006, and both afterwards remained chairmen of the boards of their respective companies.


Lehtikuva / Kimmo Mäntylä

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