• Web Developer

    HT Jobs | - Feed Apr 15, 2018 | 14:55 pm

    Web Developer Web Developer familiar with CMS systems (Joomla, WP etc) and fluent with PHP, HTML5, CSS needed for bug fixes and further development of an exciting IT project. Enthusiasm and ability to learn and improve is more important than experience.The job[…]

  • CTO / Lead Developer

    HT Jobs | - Feed Apr 11, 2018 | 15:05 pm

    CTO / Lead Developer An exciting recently funded startup operating in the healthcare IT domain is looking for an CTO to join and lead (hands on) both engineering and web application development of the company.Job descriptionEternAll Sciences is an e-health startup active in Finland[…]

  • Service Coordinator, Vestas Finland, Vaasa

    HT Jobs | - Feed Feb 3, 2018 | 10:57 am

    Service Coordinator, Vestas Finland, Vaasa Do you have a passion for delivering first class administration service to an organization? Do you want to be a part in an ambitious team in a dynamic environment? Then this challenge might be something for you!PositionSERVICE COORDINATOROrganizationVestas Northern Central[…]


One of the most common stereotypes that I confront in Finland as a foreigner, and man of color, is that  men like me moved to Finland to take Finnish women.  First of all, this stereotype forces every foreign man and Finnish woman into a narrow stereotype that ignores the more positive story.  Many of us just want to be productive members of Finnish society who want to work, fall in love, and maybe raise a family.  Second, the notion of taking a Finnish woman, or any woman for that matter, renders that woman voiceless and incapable of making independent romantic choices.

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Abbath played the first show ever at this year’s Tuska Festival.TUSKA OPEN AIR METAL FESTIVAL did it once again: From June 26 to June 28 the 18th edition brought 25 000 metal heads together in Helsinki for a sunny, music packed weekend. 42 bands played on the three stages and made sure everyone would find something to their liking and the festival sauna offered the chance to take a refreshing, truly Finnish break. Also the food options stepped their game up: From tasty falafels to the stylish and delicious Black Dining restaurant the only thing you had to do to get a nice meal was make sure Helsinki’s infamous seagulls didn’t steal it.

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André Noël Chaker collected more than 7,000 euros of funding to tell the story of Santa Claus' childhood.A Finlandified Canadian lawyer and gaming company consultant, André Noël Chaker, has taken to becoming the Niilo Tarvajärvi of the digital age.

Chaker has lived in Finland for twenty years and truly believes in Santa Claus and wishes that others would as well. It is a much better business than it has been understood to be in Finland, he says. American economists even have their own term for Christmas economics: santanomics. Contrary to estimations of Finns, the brand price of Santa and Christmas should be counted in billions, says Chaker.

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Heidi Miettinen established the Facebook group Jouluapua.Heidi Miettinen knows that not all Finnish families can afford to buy Christmas presents for their children. She set up a Facebook group that is trying to fix this situation.

Heidi Miettinen was halted by the news: "Tens of thousands of Finnish homes can't afford Christmas food or gifts without help from others. 130,000 children live below the poverty line," reported YLE's website.

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Northern European countries have recently enjoyed an upswing in positive perception in the United States. A British journalist takes a closer look at the phenomenon, and isn't as impressed as those living on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.Northern European countries have recently enjoyed an upswing in positive perception in the United States. A British journalist takes a closer look at the phenomenon, and isn't as impressed as those living on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

"What's there not to love?" actor Will Ferrell enthuses in the second episode of NBC's expat-comedy Welcome to Sweden. "Picking blueberries, outhouses, a year off if you have a baby – even if you don't have a baby, just a year off. Your family around constantly. Lagom – not too much, not too little. I mean, they're doing it right over here."

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HIIT, an acronym for high intensity interval training, offers exercise at full burst.Intensive training HIIT, an acronym for high intensity interval training, is a fight against pain. A couch potato should start a training regime of a softer kind so interest won't slump from the start, experts say.

A 30-second quick workout at full exertion and then a rest. It has the same effect as a traditional fitness training, but takes half the time.

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"EXPERIENCE GIFTS, yes, of course, I have given them!" says Villu Tommula who walked around the Christmas market on Senaatintori in Helsinki on 11 December. He and his wife had bought pants and socks with Angry Birds from there for their son's Christmas present, but they also plan to go to a spa together with the family. Pointing to the goods that they have just bought he states, "These are one thing, but going to a spa together, that is better for the soul!"

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Mattila talks with patients about how their life would change for the better.Psychiatrist Antti S. Mattila holds an office advising on philosophy. He believes that all too often, people with depression are given medicine, when what they need is a change in lifestyle.

One will not find the office of philosophy unless one knows what one is looking for. The name written by the door is simply Mattila.

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TEEMU Potapoff looked up to bouncers upon his very first visit to a watering hole at the age of 18. "They were alpha male among men, authoritative but more intimate than police officers," he recalls.

Potapoff at the time dreamt of becoming a pastor and was prepping for an entrance examination to study theology while spending his evenings at the gym. He accumulated work experience as a gym receptionist, a moving company worker and a parish youth worker.

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Dressing in layers is a clever solution to the seasonal conundrum of what to wear when jogging in winter.Temperatures reaching below zero don't need to mean an entirely new jogging wardrobe.

Dressing in layers is a clever solution. Use the same wind and moisture proof jacket that you've been using until now and simply add an extra layer that removes sweat, suggests Kari Ahonen, head of the running school at the Finnish Sports Association.

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Helsingin Sanomat’s office is located in Sanomatalo.Do you remember what news was on the headlines last month, last year or 10 years ago on this date?

Finland's national newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat has just turned 125 and its future, like the future of all other printed papers, has never looked grimmer. The past has on the other hand been glorious and diverse. The first issue of the paper came out in 1889. Back then it was called Päivälehti, simply "The Daily". Since then, the paper has reported a remarkable volume of news to its readers.

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A cup of tea is the perfect way to start the day – if you are Stephen King.The daily rhythms of history's greatest figures have been revealed.

NEXT time your alarm goes off first thing in the morning, maybe it's not time to put on your slippers and shuffle off to the breakfast table, before jumping into the shower and heading off to work surrounded by the eerie silence that befalls public transport first thing in the morning.

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Kanye West is involved in a fashion-related project with a Helsinki-based fashion designer.One of the pop world's megastars, Kanye West, paid a flying visit to Finland on Tuesday, but he was not here to perform a gig.

Instead, West was attracted to wintery Helsinki by a fashion-related project involving Helsinki-based fashion designer Sasu Kauppi.

Sasu Kauppi's name is unlikely to ring many bells in Finland even though by rights it should.

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