Will Massachusetts take New Jersey’s lead in adopting a Finnish-style baby box program?


The International Business Times examined how Finnish organization Startup Refugees is helping asylum seekers to prosper in the business world. Sticking with startups, a cutting-edge Finnish company looks to break new ground in the development of artificial intelligence. Last but not least, Finland thinks about quitting on coal and more international students are wanted at Finnish universities.

Asylum seekers leave their mark on startup scene
International Business Times

Founded by journalists and entrepreneurs Riku Rantala and Tunna Milonoff in 2015, Startup Refugees is an organization that matches “enterprising asylum seekers with Finnish tech companies and mentors”.

“More than 500 companies, organizations and individual entrepreneurs have signed up to partner refugees, including Microsoft and Finnish gaming giant Supercell, as well as the Finnish Immigration Service and Interior Ministry. The organization has already signed up more than 1,000 refugees and has pledged to get 2,000 more in 2017”.

“Notable successes include the pop-up hairdressing collective Baghdad Barbers, who are appealing to the bearded hipster market with sharp-witted offerings and slogans such as the "James Dean" cut: "Your mouth might be saying 'Integrated Marketing Communications' but your hair is saying 'I'm a cool dude'"".

Original article was published by on 06/03/2017 and can be found here.

Finland to go coal-free?
Yale Climate Connections

“While the US still relies on coal for about a third of its energy mix, Finland is on its way to phasing out coal-generated power completely”.

“The Finnish Parliament is considering a new climate and energy strategy. It includes a recommendation that coal-fired power be ended by the year 2030”.

“But eliminating coal completely will be a challenge. So Finland plans to use tax strategies to further reduce its use. The country is even considering placing a legal ban on producing energy from coal. If enacted, Finland would become the first country to legally prohibit the use of coal for electricity”.

Original article was published by on 07/03/2017 and can be found here.

Finnish startup working on next wave of artificial intelligence
Business Insider Nordic

“When asking around to find the coolest startups in Helsinki, Curious AI was put forward. The company does not disappoint – even its approach to being a startup is unique. While conventional startups are trying to find profitable applications for the current state of technology, Curious AI is interested in something very different”.

““Other companies are using machine learning to solve problems now. We are driving the scientific development towards the next level of AI,” explains Antti Rasmus, CTO of Curious AI”.

“Curious AI does cutting-edge research, pushing the boundaries of the machine learning commonly called artificial intelligence towards the illusive limit of true artificial intelligence”.

Rasmus goes on to say: “Our results are on par with the best in the world. Considering we’re a small independent group, it’s a pretty big achievement that Curious AI is among the top three in the field”.

Original article was published by on 09/03/2017 and can be found here.

'Edunation' seeks to triple amount of international students
The PIE News

“A new project out of Finland has set an ambitious target of attracting 100,000 international students to study at Finnish universities – more than triple the current number – in an attempt to boost the country’s international profile”.

“Created by study search platform Study Advisory, Edunation will seek to attract primarily Asian students to the Nordic nation”.

“While the 100,000 target is an “ambitious goal”, said Sami Puttonen, managing director of Study Advisory, he hopes that it will also help mobilize other stakeholders in the industry to help with capacity challenges, most notably in accommodation”.

Original article was published by on 08/03/2017 and can be found here.

Massachusetts to adopt Finland-inspired baby box?

“Last month, New Jersey became the first state in the United States to launch a statewide baby box program. Massachusetts should launch its own version of baby boxes and give newborns a more equal start in life”.

“Paula Brady was born in the US to a Finnish mother. Growing up, she looked forward to the baby box tradition. Although she has Finnish citizenship, she was disqualified from the baby box program because she wasn't a resident. But Paula's family was committed to this right of passage. They created a homemade version.”

““The baby box program creates a sense of commonality and camaraderie around the experiences of birth and caring for a newborn," Paula said. "It’s an unquantifiable warm and fuzzy feeling"”.

“State Rep. Kate Hogan, chair of the Joint Committee on Public Health, said in an email that learning from both Finland and New Jersey presents Massachusetts with an opportunity”.

“New Jersey was the first state. Can Massachusetts be second?”

Original article was published by on 08/03/2017 and can be found here.

Dan Anderson

Helsinki Times

Photo Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva


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