Finland must take immediate action to balance its public finances in order to cope with the challenges arising from its ageing population in the 2020s, says Petteri Orpo (NCP), the Minister of Finance.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) has reminded that economic growth is a prerequisite for reversing the debt trajectory of Finland.

“Everything now hinges on what kind of a growth path we’re on. You can summarise that our ability to cope and succeed in the latter half of the [electoral] term hinges on how much the gross domestic product will grow this year, next year and in 2019,” he stated on Tuesday.

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Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) has been in the media limelight for reportedly pressuring YLE to temper its coverage of a possible conflict of interest involving him.

Finland has been ousted from the top of the World Press Freedom Index.

The country's five-year run as the epitome of press freedom came to an end after its score deteriorated by 0.33 points and it was leapfrogged by both Norway and Sweden in this year's edition of the index published by Reporters without Borders (RSF), a Paris-based non-governmental organisation.

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Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) has pleaded with the public to have faith in authorities and the legal system in the debate over the forced returns of asylum seekers.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) has firmly refuted suggestions that the assessments used to determine whether or not a particular country is safe enough for unsuccessful asylum seekers to return to are politically motivated.

“They certainly aren’t,” he exclaimed in a speech to his party comrades in Tampere on Saturday.

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Helsinki was judged to be the most gender-equal city in the world in this year’s Millennial Cities Ranking.

Helsinki scored highest for openness in a new ranking carried out by housing aggregator Nestpick. Taking into account thousands of cities from around the world, the Millennial Cities Ranking determined the top 100 places for millennials to live in 2017.

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After witnessing the result of Brexit, Finnish Finance Minister Petteri Orpo believes that no further EU members will want to follow in the UK’s footsteps.

Finnish Finance Minister Petteri Orpo has certainly been popular in the world press over the last 10 days. His quotes about Brexit were picked up by the Financial Express, while his thoughts on Finland approaching the end of austerity were the subject of a feature by Bloomberg.

In other news, Finland is ranked as the most eco-friendly country on Earth,

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Tarja Halonen, the President of Finland in 2002–2012, has spoken against the forced returns of asylum seekers to conflict-affected countries.

Finland should suspend the deportations of unsuccessful asylum seekers to conflict-affected countries at least until authorities have re-examined the security situations in the countries in question, says President Tarja Halonen.

“A growing number of us are having doubts that the countries are not safe for the deportees,” she wrote in a guest contribution to Helsingin Sanomat.

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Kesko said on Thursday it will shutter a total of 42 Siwa and Valintatalo stores by the end of April.

Kesko announced yesterday that it will shut down a total of 42 Siwa and Valintatalo grocery shops by the end of April.

The retail giant took control of almost 650 Siwa and Valintatalo shops following its acquisition of Suomen Lähikauppa in 2016. The acquisition was conditional upon the divestment of 60 of the shops as per a ruling by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (KKV).

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The Finnish Government is proposing that roughly 6,700 low-income families be relieved of the burden of early-childhood education fees.

The Finnish Government has unveiled a list of new measures to tear down inactivity traps in order to meet its target of raising the national employment rate to 72 per cent.

The Government revealed that the measures agreed upon in its two-day mid-term session are expected to raise the number of the employed by 5,000, according to calculations made by the Ministry of Finance.

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Valmet Automotive is set to hire roughly a thousand new employees at its assembly plant in Uusikaupunki, Finland, before mid-2017.

Valmet Automotive is recruiting immigrants at a high level for a variety of jobs at its assembly plant in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

The automotive manufacturer is planning on hiring roughly one thousand new employees for its assembly line, knit line, paint shop and internal logistics operations during the course of the spring, after announcing a new manufacturing agreement with Daimler in March.

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Juha Sipilä (Centre) has come under another wave of criticism for his alleged attempt to influence the coverage of YLE.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) has come under renewed criticism for his conduct in a recent row between himself and YLE.

Finland’s Deputy Chancellor of Justice, Risto Hiekkataipale, estimates in a press release that Sipilä’s conduct was not entirely in line with the standards expected of him, despite the fact that he did act within the confines of freedom of speech.

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Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) spoke to members of the media at his official residence in Helsinki on 25 April, 2017.

The Government of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) announced the outcomes of its two-day mid-term session in a news conference organised shortly after 10pm on Tuesday.

The Government revealed that it will re-allocate roughly 300 million euros for promoting cutting-edge research and its societal impacts, and the product development and internationalisation efforts of businesses.

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Sampo Terho, the chairperson of the Finns Party Parliamentary Group, unveiled his campaign platform in the race to lead the Finns Party on Friday.

Sampo Terho, the chairperson of the Finns Party Parliamentary Group, reiterated his reservations about the euro in unveiling his campaign platform in the race to become the next chairperson of the Finns Party on Friday.

In the long term, he estimated, it is possible, even likely, that Finland returns to its own currency.

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Emma Kari, a first-term MP from Helsinki, has announced her decision to seek election as the chairperson of the Green League.

Emma Kari, a first-term Member of the Parliament from Helsinki, announced her bid to take over the reins of the Green League in an interview with Helsingin Sanomat on Thursday.

Kari was the opposition party’s second highest vote-getter – after her friend and the party’s mayoral candidate in Helsinki, Anni Sinnemäki – in the municipal elections held in Finland on 9 April, with a tally of 5,959 votes.

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